Birth Calmly

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My aim is to teach HypnoBirthing® to as many women as I can so that more positive, birth stories are spread by word of mouth and become the norm.


Welcome to Birth Calmly

Firstly, congratulations on the expectation of your new arrival, this really is the start of a wonderful new journey and I’m delighted that you are looking into a calm and comfortable birth experience for both you and your baby.

At Birth Calmly, I teach the HypnoBirthing® programme designed by Marie Mongan. The Mongan method is a complete childbirth programme designed to give women everything they need to achieve a gentle, safe, comfortable birth. It teaches self-hypnosis, breathing and relaxation techniques which are used during birthing. The course teaches that pain and labour do not go hand in hand and you’ll also learn how to release any fears or anxieties you may have surrounding your pregnancy, birth or future parenting.

I have used HypnoBirthing® twice myself when birthing both my children, so I know that HypnoBirthing® works and therefore I teach and speak from very personal experience.

I look forward to sharing the techniques with you to enable you to also experience a calm and comfortable birth,

Mary x